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MDJC Chair Lauds Federal Indictment in Case of Synagogue Vandalism at Temple Jacob in Hancock

Noah Arbit, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Jewish Caucus, visited Temple Jacob on September 26.

LANSING, Mich. — “I am relieved and grateful to hear of the arrest and indictment of a suspect this week in the case of September’s antisemitic vandalism at Temple Jacob in Hancock. I visited Temple Jacob in late September, shortly after the vandalism occurred, and heard from residents of the Upper Peninsula about their sadness and outrage upon hearing of this act of hate.

“Hearing about the strength and swiftness of the solidarity and support shown by the wider Houghton-Hancock community for the area’s small Jewish community was incredible; upon learning of the incident, concerned individuals drove from miles away, armed with cleaning agents and power-washers to assist the Jewish community in restoring dignity to their historic synagogue.

“The fidelity of the law enforcement in investigating this case all the way to New Jersey is a credit to our nation, as is the leadership of Temple Jacob president David Holden. If there is one lesson to be learned from the gallant response of Hancock in its Jewish community’s hour of need, it is that hate has no home here in Michigan. I am committed to doing everything I can to ensure that lesson is a reality as often as possible.”


CONTACT: Noah Arbit, Chair

(248) 325-8560


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