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Michigan Democratic Jewish Caucus Calls for Immediate Removal of Donald Trump following Violent Coup Attempt at U.S. Capitol

MDJC Board calls for accountability for President and Republican members of House and Senate who incited Americans to commit political violence, says group will lead charge to make fight against extremism centerpiece of political conversation

WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich. The Executive Board of the Michigan Democratic Jewish Caucus issued the following statement after yesterday's occupation of the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C.:

“Like millions of Americans, we were appalled and distraught by the heinous scene at our capitol building yesterday, where thousands of the president’s supporters committed an unspeakable assault on our democracy. While we are grateful that Michigan’s congressional delegation is safe and unharmed, we urge the House and Senate to conduct a rigorous investigation into the intelligence and security failures that enabled this breach of our seat of government.”

“It has long been clear that there is no greater threat to national security than the 45th President of the United States. However, following yesterday's events, the President’s threat to the constitutional order has become imminent, and it is clear the country can no longer afford to wait until January 20th for a new commander-in-chief. We call on the Cabinet to immediately exercise its authority under the 25th Amendment and remove Donald Trump from office. Should the Cabinet fail to act, Congress must swiftly impeach and remove Donald Trump for the acts of sedition he has committed against these United States.”

“These actions are not only necessary for the health of our democracy, but for our community. History is clear that when democracy fails, minority groups - particularly Jews, Black Americans, and others - are often the first to face persecution. Witnessing among the insurrectionists men clad in “Camp Auschwitz” hoodies and t-shirts emblazoned with “6MWE,” short for “6 Million [Jews] Wasn’t Enough,” is horrifying. Extremism, political violence, and domestic terrorism are often tied up in virulent antisemitism and white supremacy, and our Jewish community must remain focused on combating these dangerous phenomena.”

Noah Arbit, founder and chairman of the Michigan Democratic Jewish Caucus, stated, “Wednesday’s heartbreaking assault on our Capitol reminds us that our constitutional republic demands our participation every day, not just every two years in November. It is high time we make the fight against political violence and extremism a centerpiece of our political conversation. MDJC will help lead that charge here in Michigan.”


About: The Michigan Democratic Jewish Caucus is the voice of Jewish Michiganders in the Democratic Party, dedicated to combating antisemitism and electing Democrats who share our values. In addition to supporting candidates through state and federal PACs, MDJC works to strengthen the link between Michigan’s Jews and Democrats through strong communications and public forums, to increase Jewish representation in Michigan politics, and to advocate for progressive policies that benefit all Michiganders.

CONTACT: Noah Arbit, Chair

(248) 325-8560


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