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MDJC Condemns GOP Senate Candidate John James’ Antisemitic Remark About Political Parties “Genuflecting to Our Jewish Friends”

MDJC Chair Noah Arbit calls James’ rhetoric “reprehensible,” notes failed candidate’s record of “playing footsie with antisemitic rhetoric,” urges Jewish Michiganders to re-elect ally Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI)

LANSING, Mich.Noah Arbit, Founder and Chairman of the Michigan Democratic Jewish Caucus issued the following statement in response to presumptive 2020 Republican nominee for U.S. Senate John James’ (R-Farmington Hills) antisemitic remark during an interview aired on WDIV Detroit this morning:

“Today, Michiganders were reminded once more why failed Republican Senate candidate John James is unfit to represent the State of Michigan in elective office. At a time in which Americans are confronting the legacy of generations of racism and experiencing unprecedented levels of antisemitic rhetoric and violence, it is reprehensible and deeply offensive that James would think to describe the Republican and Democratic Parties as “ our Jewish friends.”

“Like the President to which he so glibly pledged his loyalty “2,000%,” John James has a well-trodden record of playing footsie with white supremacist and antisemitic rhetoric, including his 2018 TV ad showing a swastika on the screen.

“While this type of antisemitic rhetoric that portrays Jewish people as exhibiting undue power or influence is hateful and dangerous, it is especially galling for James to pit Black and Jewish Americans against each other, when our communities’ bond, particularly in Michigan, is as strong and necessary as ever.”

“Luckily, Jewish Michiganders have another - far superior - choice in November. Our Senator Gary Peters has led the fight against antisemitism and the growing threat of white nationalism, and has championed increased security funding for synagogues. Re-electing Gary is our greatest opportunity to declare that repulsive rhetoric like John James’ has no place in our state. I have no doubt that Michigan’s Jews will come through for our ally and champion Gary Peters in November, as he always has for us.”


CONTACT: Noah Arbit, Chair

(248) 325-8560


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