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Todd Spangler and Kathleen Gray | September 27, 2019

Noah Arbit, who founded the Michigan Democratic Jewish Caucus to advocate for candidates Democratic Jews in the state feel represent their interests, said while some more progressive Jews are supportive of [Tlaib], more moderate members of southeast Michigan’s Jewish community do have “concerns about Congresswoman Tlaib,” her comments, and her stances on Israel. "It is possible," Arbit said, that could lead some of them to cast around for another candidate.

And while Arbit doesn't believe [Tlaib's] comments have been as troublesome as some others [like Rep. Ilhan Omar's] — Tlaib is a Muslim whose family comes from what is now the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories — he worries that animosity toward her could lead some Jews to reject Democrats up-ballot. He hopes Tlaib reaches out to the community. “I know intimately what it’s going to take in 2020 for this community… to beat Trump," he said.

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