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Michigan, Pennsylvania Jewish Democrats Condemn DHHS Spokesman Caputo’s Antisemitic and Racist Tweets, Demand Immediate Termination

DETROIT and PHILADELPHIANoah Arbit, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Jewish Caucus and Jill Zipin, Chair of Democratic Jewish Outreach Pennsylvania released the following joint statement in response to reports uncovering Department of Health and Human Services Spokesman Michael Caputo’s antisemitic and anti-Asian tweets.

“DHHS spokesman Michael Caputo’s repulsive and hateful statements invoking the most heinous antisemitic conspiracy theories, including rants against Democrats, George Soros, and the Rothschilds’ alleged plots for global domination, as well as racist, anti-Asian tropes, have eliminated any credibility he may have. It is vital that the American people trust our federal government during this public health crisis. To preserve any remaining trust in DHHS, Secretary Alex Azar must terminate Caputo immediately.

“The rapid increase in antisemitic rhetoric attending the coronavirus pandemic has been deeply unsettling for our Jewish communities in Michigan and Pennsylvania. To see extremist and neo-Nazi groups marching on Lansing, Harrisburg, and Columbus in ostensible protest of our Governors’ stay-at-home orders, and have the President condone and encourage these protests, was one level of disturbing. To see the person responsible for communicating critical matters of public health to Americans also engage in hateful, prejudicial rhetoric is one more powerful indicator of the rot in this administration. "Make no mistake, Jewish voters in Michigan and Pennsylvania will ensure this administration’s state-sponsored hate ends on November 3rd."


CONTACT: Noah Arbit, Chair

(248) 325-8560


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