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New coalition of grassroots organizations mobilizing Jewish Democrats in Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to help boost Biden, Democratic congressional candidates across electoral map.


DETROIT — The Michigan Democratic Jewish Caucus (MDJC); Democratic Jewish Outreach Pennsylvania (DJOP); Jewish Democratic Women’s Salon Atlanta (JDWS); Florida Democratic Party Caucus of American Jews; and Wisconsin Jewish Democrats issued the following joint statement today:


Following several months of intensifying collaboration, leaders of Jewish Democratic organizations in the key swing-states of Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin announced the formation of the Jewish Battleground Coalition, a joint political, organizing, and strategic communications initiative aimed at leveraging the strength of the constituent organizations’ grassroots operations and supporter networks to shore up the Jewish vote for Joe Biden and Democratic candidates ahead of the November election.


In addition to providing a leadership incubator for Jewish Democrats in the core battleground states, the Jewish Battleground Coalition will enable its constituent organizations to collaborate on special projects, events, organizing, and fundraising efforts across state lines, as well as channel resources to areas of greatest need. The Coalition plans to announce a virtual kickoff event in the coming weeks.


Noah Arbit, founder and chair of the Michigan Democratic Jewish Caucus, stated, “I am thrilled to join forces with my fellow Jewish Democratic leaders in Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin as we gear up for an election that will determine the future of our very democracy. The Jewish Battleground Coalition will provide an important force-multiplier to the work of the Michigan Democratic Jewish Caucus in mobilizing Jewish voters, and gives us the ability to establish a truly novel partnership to protect and expand the Jewish Democratic vote in key states and elect Joe Biden the 46th President.”


Jill Zipin, chairwoman of Democratic Jewish Outreach PA, said “DJOP is excited to join with Jewish Democrats in other critical swing-states that will determine which party holds the White House, the Senate, and the House. By creating a united front, Jewish Democrats will have an unprecedented opportunity to impact the electoral process. DJOP is proud to be part of the Jewish Battleground Coalition and looks forward to a Biden victory in November.”


Valerie Habif and Joanie Shubin of Jewish Democratic Women’s Salon, Atlanta (JDWS) stated, “The upcoming election requires us to focus on the key states most at play in the electoral college. As local Jewish organizers in Georgia, we are delighted by the opportunity to pool our resources and bring our constituents together with the goal of electing Joe Biden, preserving our US House majority, and flipping the US Senate. JDWS Atlanta is eager to work alongside other grassroots Jewish Democrats in Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to ensure our elected officials at the federal level align with the Jewish values that motivate our shared efforts.”


Rabbi Mark Winer, President of the Florida Democratic Party Caucus of American Jews, noted “Florida’s 29 electoral votes make our state the largest swing-state, and critical to winning the Presidency. If Florida and its Jews turn out for Joe Biden, Donald Trump will have virtually no path to re-election. We are delighted to join with other Jewish Democrats in swing-states to deliver not only the presidency to Joe Biden but also a Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate.”


Richard Schwalb, co-chair of Wisconsin Jewish Democrats, remarked, “as a critical state in the upcoming Presidential election, Wisconsin looks forward to working with our counterparts in other battleground states to share ideas and maximize the support of Jewish voters to replace Donald Trump with Joe Biden, and elect a Democratic majority to the Senate. A majority of Wisconsin’s Jewish voters are committed to advancing the crucial values and priorities rooted in our heritage as Jews and as Americans and as exemplified by the vision of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.”




CONTACT: Noah Arbit, Chair

(248) 325-8560

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